XenCentral Invite System 1.2

Invite system allows uses to invite their friends by emails, customizing invitation message, to have invitation URL directly to send via IM, delete old inivtations and see who registered with their invitation. Users invited and registered are displayed in user's profile, and number of invited users is displayed in profile stats block. It is possible to make the site invite-only, to restrict email addresses that can be used, and to allow self-invitation (perfectly suites the case when you want to limit registrations to your board to some email address, like education .edu or particular main provider, you can just enable self-invite mode, and only users having real .edu emails will be able to sign-up, without needing invitation from anyone). The product is fully compatible with Facebook Connect (users have to had invitation to initiate connection, current users to tie their account to Facebook only after being logged-in).


Features Overview

  • Product On/Off switcher
  • Invite System Featured
  • Free self-invite mode for simple anti-spam protection and email domain validation (email confirmation before registration)
  • Force registration with valid invitation only
  • Force registration with invitation email only
  • Option to add invitations button to main navigation. It is also added in user profile popup by default.
  • Option to set number of hours after which unused invitations will be automatically deleted. Disabling this will still allow users to delete their unused invitations.
  • Option to add invitation tab in user profile
  • Option to show number of users invited in profie stats

Requirements: XenForo 1.2/1.3 
Price: 19.99 EUR. Support/updates price: 15 EUR/year. 1 year support/updates included in initial purchase

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