XenCentral Multisite System

Multisite System allows to have unlimited completely customized sites on single XenForo installation. The sites can be sub-domains of the main domain or completely independent domains. Multisite System allows administrator to customize almost any aspect of XenForo installation for unlimited domains and subdomains and makes possible for each site to look unique and still have the same functionality as all other sites (similar to concept of vB Cerbcerus addon for vBulletin).

General and Site Administration

Features Overview

  • Product On/Off switcher
  • Options page tabbed interface
  • Cross-site login. Even if boards are running under completely different domains and do not share cookies, it is possible to synchronize login/logout between all configured sites/domains. This feature required MCrypt PHP extension to be installed.
  • Site-specific search. If enabled search results will contain threads only from nodes available for current domain.
  • Site name in search results. If enabled, and if search results contain threads not available under current domain, the name of domain of the thread/post will be shown in search results. For such nodes/threads/posts automatic 301 redirect happens and correct site is opened.
  • Set basic options for each site - site title, URL, description. URL is used to detect active site.
  • Set default style for the site, and option to force it (so the site can not be used with any other style).
  • Set default language for the site, and option to force it (so the site can not be used with any other language).
  • Set nodes available under each site. Nodes and their threads not available under particular site will be 301-redirected to final correct domain.
  • Override Options. This is a powerful system allowing to customize any XenForo option for particular domain. This way you change actually anything controlled from XenForo Options and fully customize your sites. Options are added/removed using AJAX and fully support original option's UI.
  • Content replacements. Allow to customize final output specifically for currently active domain, making possible to change the appearance of the site not only via changing the site, but also dynamically injecting different ads, new content blocks etc. Four modes of injection  - simple replacement, regular expressions, appending to a template hook and prepending to a template allow to add your custom content actually anywhere, and two modes for the new content - raw HTML and rendering a template allow to have a content of any complexity. If regular expressions are used sub-patterns are available in replacement string or template.

Features Demonstration

Features can be tested at sites http://demo.xencentral.com/ http://demo2.xencentral.com/ which both run the same XenForo installation.

Requirements: XenForo 1.5 
Price: 69.99 EUR. Support/updates price: 35 EUR/year. 1 year support/updates included in initial purchase

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